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Sometimes life can be stressful and speaking to some one about your loss is very normal, it can help greatly with trying to overcome many painful events. Our Top UK Mediums team is here for you whenever you need to speak to them. You can be anywhere within the UK and speak to an experienced and trustworthy reader. We also believe that we should not charge expensive prices to speak to our reading team and that is why we offer telephone billed and credit card billed readings at an exceptionally low price. We want our customers to able bond with our incredible Top UK Mediums and the way we do this is to provide an excellent service to you at a very reasonable rate. Most of our Mediums are also Psychic readers who can offer you Psychic advice on many different subjects. You can have a combined reading whereby you receive a Medium reading and then a Psychic reading on the same telephone call. It is best not to rush your Medium reading though as sometimes our readers have to channel into the energy around then and connect to the spirit world so a relaxed state of mind is essential. We really hope you enjoy speaking to our Top UK Medium team and we hope that you receive the information that you require in order to step forward on a more enlightened path of life. Remember our Top UK Mediums are here 24 hours a day and available whenever you need us.

Cheapest Top UK Mediums
Call 0904 007 1551

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Here's what people say about us...
A different outcome
I've had so many readings from this site (it seems to be my new favourite thing) lots of readers have picked up the situation without me saying anything and give validations of some sort that make me feel comfortable with what they are telling me. Madeline was a bit different, she gave me details about my work and the people that worked there. The overall reading was inline with what i have been told by other readers, however my dilemma has been should i stay or go? Madeline was very clear in her reading on what i should do and what the outcome will be, which I absolutely loved. So much so I kept topping up and was on the phone for over an hour, at least 40 minutes of which was just on work. Though other readers have picked up on the work thing and talked of a promotion and changes etc, Madeline was able to tell me that its not about me moving job, in a very clear way! The different outcome came from the relationship reading. A couple of readers have mentioned someone new, but had first talked about a connection with someone from the past and how that will unfold, Madeline talked mostly about someone new and who they were what they would be like and some of their experiences which all sounded brill, but did make me wonder about why my ex hadn't come up. It was only when i asked that she brought him up and she did conclude that he wouldn't be able to give me what I want, which is the different outcome to others. Its been Madeline and Yvette who have said that i wouldn't be back with the ex cos he's not going to change whereas others have said he will be different this time round. I guess time will tell which outcome is right. If i'm honest I don't think he can change but so many readers said the same thing, I started to believe he could. I will defo update by the end of the year to say who was right. Thank you Madeline x
Optimist, London
Blew my mind
She hit the nail right on the head with no information. You were caring and gave me information to give me a lot of hope. You saw everything on both topics without a question. There was no wasting time and you made me feel so much better. I Thankyou so much. Till we talk again. Love and Light to you xx
Patsy, South australia
As ever Della was spot on in everything she said. She offers great insight to the possible outcome and sound advice. I love this lady's readings. She has an amazing talent that will blow you away.. Give her a call.. I will be sure to in the future .. Thanks Della x
Sandra, UK
Had a reading with Margarite last Friday after a horrendous argument with my husband the night before. She was brilliant and everything she said was spot on and the outcome as predicted. Thank you so much. Will definitely speak again. Love and light x
Kerry , Cardiff
It was fairly bad
From the first minute she got it wrong to the last minute where she had to hang up. 6 mins waste
Bibi, London
It's a a Girl!
On the 23rd October Sara predicted my daughter would have a girl. Ok 50 50 chance but hey she could have been wrong. On 5th December my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I have just had another reading with her and am encouraged that what she predicts today will come to pass. Thank you Sara!
Penelope, London
Spot on !!
Had a wonderful reading with Gordy! He picked up on my situation right away ! He was Fun Friendly & Accurate.
Sally, Glasgow
Thank u so much for lovely reading this morning. It was amazing. Looking forward to predictions materialising. Please have a reading with Janine she will disappoint. Love n Light K xxx
Karen, Durham
Thank you xxxx
A true spirit guide xxx
Jo, North
One Thousand 'Thank You's
Thank you so much, Charlie for your kind patience this evening. Everything that you conveyed to me was so true and a real insight and help. I am very grateful to you for patiently listening to my concerns - even when I repeated them several times because I had a bit of trouble getting my head around a few things. I will commence face exercises in the coming week so that I am on top form should an interesting bijou social engagement arise towards the end of December! Best wishes, Miss P
Miss P, East London
Seems spot on -seems one of the best here on the website Nice lady too
Alex , Melbourne
Excellent, call her!
Marie is really good... picks things up immediately without asking questions. She is also very nice and calming too. Do ring her, she is great! Eve
Thank you Diana, it was an uplifting honest and genuine reading. You had insight beyond what I expected and your caring and kind nature was evident in your approach and your voice. The information you gave was 100% accurate and I appreciate the advice you gave. I would recommend you to everyone accessing this service. Will look for you for any future advice I need, Thank you, Helen
Helen, Scotland
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