Astrology Readings on the Phone

Astrology Readings on the Phone

CALL NOW: 0904 007 1551
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
Astrology Readings on the Phone

Live Horoscope Phone Readings

Since early civilization humans have been fascinated by the stars, they have looked to the sky for the guidance that they require. The horoscopes and astrology readings you see so widely used are based on the sun signs and uses your date of birth to chart your horoscope sign. Having astrology readings is a great way to look into your future and see your very own personal divination, for example, the reading can show you personality traits of yourself and can show you how your love relationships will develop and how much wealth you will accumulate throughout your lifetime. Our Astrology readers are all experienced within the Sun Sign horoscope system and all they require from you is your date of birth, they will then chart where the stars, moon and other planets are based and will offer you quite a complex reading based on the information they see.

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CALL NOW: 0904 007 1551
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

Horoscopes and Astrology readings can give us much insight and it is quite fascinating to receive your very own personal reading. I’ve had many customers tell me that to receive a personal horoscope reading has benefited them immensely and has inspired a great sense of wonder within themselves. So if you are looking for a Astrology reading that will greatly benefit your life then please do call us today, we are very welcoming and there are no set up fee’s or registration forms to fill in. Our dedicated team of astrology readings Psychics will make you feel at ease as soon as the reading begins and all of our reading are 100% confidential and non-judgemental.

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Here's what people say about us...
I asked for a general reading as I’m fed up asking for relationship readings as I feel that’s giving the reader a heads up! After saying a few things she picked up on my ex and how things are/were and I was pretty blown away. I would say it was a very good reading and we had a few giggles along the way. Would defiantly speak to her again. Many thanks Snow
Tracie, Shropshire
Really enjoyed chatung to her and she is very kind and has a very calming voice. She always uses the same phases...'when you first spoke to them did it feel like you have spoken to them ypur whole life as I was thinking it could be a past life connection' she asked this when I called about 3 different men during 3 different calls.
Spot on!
I had a relationship reading with you today. My relationship issue is so complicated most just give superficial readings and just say its complicated etc. But you broke it down and explained piece by piece. So much infor came out. You even picked up the battles I have in my mind & how I'm in 2 places. You brought up the questions I ask myself & then answered them. You understood what I've gone through, how i felt then, how I'm feeling now. I held back tears. Going through ups & downs is one thing but hearing it narrated to you by someone else is just mind blowing & kinda gives a better picture. You helped me understand why I've gone through all that I have. You didn't sugar coat & were totally honest that it wont be an easy journey & I loved that honesty in you. As you read into my situation I could sense that you felt my sorrows, anxieties, hurt, love, like all my emotions. I could sense it in the way you spoke. As much as it was my reading at one point my heart felt for you even though these were my own emotions you felt. I hope you recovered well after my reading. I look forward to what you've predicted even though it wont be an easy journey to start off with but at least I got a heads up. You've helped me understand my ex way more than I thought I did. Gave me sound advice too. There was nothing in my 1hr plus reading today that could point out & say it doesn't resonate with me. You sensed that I was lossing hope & I was in need of a push/sign/ assurance and you gave that to me. A big thank you to you Maria Rose for reading for me today. I wish you knew how much it helped me. Going forward, when things unfold, I hope you'll still be on here to hear my feedback xxx
Real reader and lovely lady
Thank you for a lovely reading. Very straight to the point no sugar coating, but also very compassionate too. This lady has the full package. You are safe here. Love from a fellow reader xxx
, UK
Kind and consistent. Goes straight into reading, doesn’t ask why you’re calling or any questions. She launches in and every time she is incredibly accurate. She’s also patient, calm and wonderfully kind. Love Linda..
Anon, Uk
Excellect Reader
You are a Fantastic reader i love speaking to you your energy so pure your so hard to get hold off as your always busy.
mel, uk
Amazing honest reading!! Spot on!
I have spoken to Charlotte today over a messy breakup and I can honestly say she has been spot on! No messing with Charlotte and straight to the point. She picked up on the situation straight away and blew me away with her accurate information. Nothing was sugar coated and I got the truth. Sometimes this hurts but i knew it deep down. Thank you Charlotte for your honest, accurate reading and for the advice going forward. I will be in touch again soon xx
Louise Hardman, Manchester
Love her
She was very straight, but caring and compassionate great reader x
Jules, London
What can I say except woo.... Very talented. I’ve spoken to a lot of psychics over my life time but have found that I keep going back to this one. Demi just seems to have the knowledge and gifts and always gives me the answers I need. I have like a lot of others hung up on her as I don’t like the truth but I always go back. She never judges and just tells you what you need to know ,not what you want. I recommend her definitely and value the connection we have.
Ruth, South Wales
Thank you Sandra. I love talking to you
Compassionate and spot on
Lisa just knew why I was calling without me even having to say anything. I wanted to know about a very complicated relationship situation but asked for a general reading so as not to sway the reader. Wow!! She knew exactly who I was thinking about, the fact we used to work together, the 3rd party nightmare etc etc. Predictions exactly the same as all the other top readers on this site. Such a lovely and compassionate reader who knows exactly what she’s talking about. My situation is tricky and very complicated but she knew all of that without me saying anything. Thanks Lisa. I’ll be sure to contact you again. Take care & stay safe
Sarah, Northampton
Great Great Reader
She is absolutely brilliant.. gorgeous reader such insight superb
PRANAV, Midlands
Really good
Thank you Colin for such a lovely and positive reading with so much details. Absolutely love your vibe and the way you read. Thank you. Thank you.
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